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About Cheeb: The Bass Maestro of Montana

In the heart of Montana, amidst the grandeur of the Rocky Mountains, pulses a rhythm as profound as the landscape itself. It’s the rhythmic genius of Cheeb, also known as Josh Gulli, a seasoned bassist who has been captivating listeners with his profound skill for over two decades. Specializing in bass guitar, Cheeb’s musical prowess reflects his deep connection to the instrument, a relationship that has matured and flourished over time.

Cheeb was introduced to music early, with a fascination for the bass guitar that soon grew into a full-blown passion. Over the years, he’s been privileged to have private lessons with Victor Wooten and Steve Bailey, experiences that have significantly influenced his style and approach to music.

His musical vision is deeply rooted in a diverse range of influences. He cites Les Claypool of Primus, Billy Sheehan, Jack Bruce of Cream, and John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin as key figures that inspire his playing. These influences have contributed to shaping his sound, a blend of styles that is uniquely his own.

An active participant in his local music scene, Cheeb has performed in various settings across Montana, consistently demonstrating his commitment to his craft. His performance style, marked by a clear love for the bass guitar, has been appreciated by local audiences.

We invite you to explore the musical journey of Montana-based bassist, Josh “Cheeb” Gulli. His is a story of passion, dedication, and a love for bass guitar that continues to fuel his musical voyage.